Where to find vegan food during a work conference:

I was just recently in Washington, DC for a conference and I enjoyed a ton of amazing food!

To start off with I did my research! I can't say that loud enough! DO YOUR RESEARCH!! Have a game plan! :) You can travel, be a business executive, and be vegan - and it WILL BE EASY!

I always pack snacks because I want to have more protein, but there are always vegan options -- you might have to put a quick request in, but it can be done!

Take a look at the video and go through the week with me!

Day 1 - Bus Boys & Poets - https://www.busboysandpoets.com/

Day 2 - Fancy Radish - https://www.fancyradishdc.com/

Day 3 - The Cedar Restaurant - http://www.cedardc.com/

Day 4 - Hip City Veg - https://hipcityveg.com/

Day 5 - Fruitive - https://fruitive.com/

Where are you traveling to next? What kind of food plans do you have? Share in the comments below!

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