Upper Body Day 2 - The Long Term Journey

My fitness journey is the long game. It is not a quick, short-term, in and out thing I am doing. It is for life.

And. I. Love. It!

Last week I had a few people message me and ask me what my arm day program looked like. I was very flattered and so excited that others are seeing my gains, but it really got me thinking. The arm routine I am doing today did not make these arms.

Everything I have been doing for the last THREE YEARS made these arms!

I have heard many people, women especially, say they want to look "toned". Well, that means there has to be muscle. If there is not muscle there will not be a toned look.

And, how does that happen? LIFT HEAVY WEIGHTS!!!

During COVID and working out from home:

  1. I am lucky to have the home gym set up that I do. Very blessed. It has grown piece by piece as things have come back in stock, etc...(started with a treadmill, a weight set and inexpensive bench and that is it).

  2. I am not lifting as heavy b/c I simply do not have the weights, so I am doing a LOT more reps. I can't wait for companies to get more items in stock!!! I am in need of a real barbell and bumper plates. The last time I was at the gym I maxed out my dead-lifts at 205 for 3 reps....I miss those heavy weights. I max out at a whopping 87 pounds now, but I am making it work!!

Please remember - it takes time! LOTS OF TIME to build muscle. I have read that big time body builders only build something along the lines of a MAX of 5 pounds of muscle each year. Put that into perspective....it takes a LONG time to see those "toned" muscles.

Before you say you don't want to look bulky go back and read everything I wrote. Looking bulky will not take place overnight - it literally TAKES YEARS of consistent effort!

I say all of that to encourage you, to help motivate you to keep going, and to tell you that you can do it!

Pick up the weights and enjoy the journey!

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