Think you don't have time for breakfast? Here is a quick & easy option:

Do you think you just don't have time to make a vegan breakfast? I have a lot of quick and easy options and this vegan breakfast is super easy and filling! Take a look at this video featuring: Chai tea mango oatmeal, Benevolent Bacon (yum!!), and a matcha tea latte.

I got the chai tea oatmeal idea from Simply Quinoa. It's funny how something so simple has my mind blown. I never in a million years would have thought to flavor the water for my oatmeal. It is a nice subtle hint of extra flavor that is amazing! I also topped my oatmeal with mango, which is new for me and a nice change from the normal blueberries I typically put on top!

If you have not tried Benevolent Bacon DO IT ASAP! It is so good! I just pop it into my air-fryer for about 5 minutes and it is perfect! Oh. My. Gosh. It is sooooo good!

I also enjoyed a matcha tea with my breakfast and have been doing that every morning for quite awhile now. I actually found a chai flavor that is delish so I thought I would just stay with the theme throughout the meal!

Executives - This breakfast took about six minutes -- and that is including getting all of the ingredients out and ready to go!

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