Stasher Bags

There are so many great options out there that are not single use. Try to cut out the single use plastic bags (the sandwich and gallon size bags specifically!). I know they are handy...and, if you are like me, you have probably been using them your entire life! It's such an easy and convenient invention, but let's look at products like Stasher Bags instead. This is a nice option to still use that little bag like you have for years, but USE IT AGAIN AND AGAIN!

When you are in a situation with single use plastics - think about it....IS there a way they can be used again? I recently ended up with a few "single use" plastic containers with lids and I am planning on using them to bring food with me on my next work trip in April. (I actually did the same thing on my last work trip and packed a lunch to eat on the plane and the woman next to me wanted to know where I bought the food b/c she didn't see an option that looked that good! ha!) I won't worry about losing a nice reusable container and can either wash it and bring it home again or recycle it at my hotel.

With being plant-based it is always nice to have a few snacks with you during travel...I track my macros and follow a #iifym (if it fits your macros) meal plan. I always want to have a healthy option at the airport (why are we always suddenly starving when we arrive at the airport?!) and keep on track with my health and fitness goals even during travel.

Stasher Bag

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