Rice & Beans

Rice & Beans - Take a look at these recipes and let me know what you think!

How much more simple can you get? I have experimented with every bean out there and every rice I have seen at the grocery store (although I just saw an article in the newspaper about getting a tour of an Indian grocery store and there are apparently other types of rice I have never even heard of that I now "need" to try!).

My grandma always used to say, "Adventures in Eating," but I never wanted to listen about that. I just wanted my macaroni and cheese or cereal. I have to say. I am taking Adventures in Eating to a whole new level these days! She would be so proud!

I cook all of my rice and beans in my pressure cooker. Do you have a pressure cooker? I typically do a big giant batch of beans and a big batch of rice.

If I am able to take lunch to work I can easily grab them and heat it up. There have been multiple times where I am apparently preparing food for an army and have so much I have to put leftovers in the freezer...there is just not enough time to eat them!. That is a nice healthy frozen dinner to eat!

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