At first glance menus do not have ANYTHING to offer that was veggie based...everything seemed like it had meat in it. I remember thinking that. I would be so frustrated that there was NOTHING on the menu for me.

Then I learned how to read a menu!

I highly recommend calling ahead and/or looking at the menu online before you go out to eat with a client or your friends and family. Most restaurants are used to these types of questions and have answers for you. The last thing you want, with a client or your family members, is to have a fifteen minute conversation with a server asking all sorts of questions. Take care of that ahead of time. It is more professional if you are with a client and it gives you more time to talk about other things if you are with friends and family.

Also, please remember that just because it is vegan doesn’t mean it is healthy!! I will include fancy restaurants all the way to fast food and everything in between on the blog. It’s just like the eating out you have done the past twenty years of your life…..there is always more calories in a meal out to eat compared to how you could have made it at home.

Sixty Vines - This menu didn't have any vegan specific entrees, so I ordered off of the appetizer menu and got several items - zucchini chips, hummus, and Brussels sprouts. As you get more comfortable ordering will become second nature. I simply told the waitress that I was going to a try a few appetizers as my main course and to bring it out as my main meal. Easy. They did have kombucha on tap, which was the highlight of the meal for me!

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