Pumpkin Bread

Learn to how make Pumpkin Bread!

I got this recipe from Natalie Mathews, Fit Vegan Chef, she has a TON of really great recipes! I really enjoyed this for breakfast. I actually put it in my toaster to heat up a bit and then topped it with peanut butter. YUM!

Do not be surprised if people are rude when you choose not to eat animal products. I do not have a scientific answer for this, but food is very personal for people. I think deep down people know they are not making the best food decisions and a friend going plant-based puts it in front of them. As you learn more you will not even have these discussions because your food choices will be easy to prepare and/or order at a restaurant. I recently took a client to a steakhouse and ordered a chicken salad….no chicken or cheese. The waiter laughed and then told me I am not the only one. With time you will gain confidence and it will be just like old times when you said something “normal” as an edit to a menu item (extra ketchup, no onions, etc…).

22 carbs/ 7 fat / 20 protein

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