Protein Donuts

I got this recipe from FittieRN just a couple weeks ago and I have had one almost every single day since I found it! They are so good and the macros are really on point for such an amazing dessert treat. (She has several other recipes that I have followed and have been really great too! I will share those in the coming weeks!) You can use any protein powder you would like, but I used Tru Supplements - and I have a 10% coupon code to share with all of you - 10AndreaPen

I used cupcake pans the first few times I made them and decided to get a silicone donut pan and they did not take as long to cook and I feel like they are fluffier. If you are on the fence - get the donut pan! :) This is the set I got.

The PB2 glaze is amazing too and I think really completes the flavor profile. I am looking around my kitchen thinking about other things I can put the glaze on!!

Enjoy! And - let me know if you try them!!

17 carbs/8 fat/20 protein


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