Penne Pompodoro

Penne Pompodoro - Will and I love this little restaurant. It is near our house and the food and service is always superb. The employees truly do seem to be appreciative that we are there, which is so nice compared to some restaurants where they can't get you in and out fast enough!

They have a "create your own" section on their menu and I typically do the gnocchi with tomato basil sauce and a cup of the minestrone soup. It's awesome and I really look forward to it. I have tried a few of the other sauces, but this is the one I go back to over and over again.

If you are in the corporate world and looking for great places to eat with your clients there are always options on the menu at Italian restaurants. Many times you just have to remind them "no cheese" and you are perfectly fine! I am hoping with the different restaurant suggestions I give you can see that you can eat out and be plant-based with no issues.

I actually just met with a client last week and the topic of not eating meat came up. This doesn't normally happen, but she was hyper aware of my meal (probably because her brother-in-law is vegetarian and she clued in to my "no cheese" request). After we chatted for a minute she said, "Oh, that must be so hard! How do you eat out with clients?? Do you just pick the few restaurants you can eat at?" I quickly explained that there are options on every menu and you just know how to look at the menu's differently! There are so many places with vegetarian/vegan sections it is getting easier and easier too!

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