Oatmeal...and blood work

Have you had any blood work done? This is one thing I wished I had done before I went vegan. To be honest I didn’t think I could live without milk, so I didn’t think being plant-based would actually become my lifestyle. Looking back I wish I had those numbers to brag about! It might be worthwhile for you to do to give you a baseline of where you are now. They say numbers drop within just a couple of weeks of changing your diet to plant-based.


I love oatmeal. I typically have a cup (yes, an entire cup) of blueberries with mine. It is low in fat and lets me indulge in other things throughout the day. (I typically have a protein shake on the side to make sure I stay full or added in to my oatmeal for "protein oats".) You can go as fancy or as basic as you want! It is easy to dress it up and down!

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