Need a coffee? Go enjoy a Starbucks!!

Starbucks - This is a company we are all familiar with. We have all probably frequented a Starbucks store (maybe too often for some people!!).

I was just recently in Japan and ordering was a breeze (not to mention sooooo many stores to choose from!). They have a "soy milk" card that is given to the customer to then hand off to the barista to make sure that you receive the correct ingredients in your drink. I have not seen that in the states, so I'm not sure if it is new for Starbucks or just something that is done internationally. Being given that little card was very reassuring though!

This apparently says "soy chai tea latte" - just wanted to show that for your viewing pleasure. :)

This was our last day in Kyoto - so we had to take a selfie....right? :)

Their menu board is super easy to read and has English translations:

I had to buy a Japan travel mug while I was there. I thought it was super cute and I know I will use it a ton! I have already used it several times and I have only owned it a few days now!!

When I am traveling for work Starbucks is my go-to place. They can always make an oatmeal for you and they do it up right, which includes a nice size serving of oatmeal with a packet of nuts and a packet of dried fruit. It really is a filling meal, which always surprises me! Pair that with a soy chai tea latte and I am a happy lady.

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