My Plant-Based Story:

Updated: Mar 10, 2019

I read a book called The China Study years ago and it was like reading my family history….high cholesterol, cancer, heart problems, etc….and I knew if I stayed on that path with the same diet I potentially could end up sick as well. I have always been healthy with watching what I eat and exercising regularly, but reading the scientific information about what is really in the food I was eating made me change.

Believe it or not I used to drink 1-2 gallons of milk EACH WEEK. I challenged myself to see if I could go milk free for thirty days. Thirty days came and went. No milk. During that month I had been eating my way through the refrigerator and pantry and as I ate a dairy product I did not replace it at the grocery store (no need to waste something you already purchased).

I have been in the same exact spot as you. When I went vegan I didn’t feel like there was anything to eat anymore. It was scary. It was frustrating. It was hard. After a few months of knowing what to look for, looking at restaurant menus differently, being able to intelligently answer questions (or change the topic quickly if people became negative on my food choices), everything became a normal way of life.

I also want to emphasize: I am not a crazy judgemental plant-based person. I believe that everyone has a choice and I can lead by example. Forcing your spouse and family to become plant-based will not make them happy. Being mean to co-workers because they are eating a lunch meat sandwich will not make them become plant-based. You can educate, but don’t be pushy. No one likes that.


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