Marie Kondo is now a verb

"Did you Marie Kondo your closet yet?"

Marie Kondo

She wrote a booked called The Art of Tidying Up. It is a super quick read. And.Now.There.Is.A.TV.Program! (I have to say it....the book will help more than the TV show.)

Again - "Andrea....why is this included on an executive's blog?" I like to streamline my life and make things EASY. The fewer clothes I have in my closet to choose between, having Tupperware with lids in the kitchen cabinets, and just having less stuff all around makes things easy. I like easy! I have mentioned it before, but I have given myself a work uniform. I wear a dress everyday. I know what style I like and what fits best. That is what I do every single day - and I love it. I have upgraded our containers for leftovers so we aren't searching for lids. I have a system of where everything goes and it makes it EASY! With all of that said, we do still have a couple closets of "stuff" that we do need to go through, but we will deal with that later. Everything we use on a daily basis has been streamlined, easily accessible, and easy to use!

Be prepared to make a trip to the donation store after this read. You will be donating things left and right! Marie Kondo also has an Anime book, and apparently that is even more enjoyable to read. As you are going through your things she does have you “talk” to your items, asking them if they are sparking joy and thanking them for their service. Mentally going through this process was helpful.

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