Lion Loops Cereal


I didn't realize how many calories were in some of the cereals I was eating (or the amount I was pouring into my bowl) until I started tracking my macros about 8 months ago. At that point I just kind of gave up cereal because I wanted to eat my macros in a different way....until I started on my reverse diet (yes!!!!) and found Lion Loops. The macros are AMAZING!

One serving has: 19 carbs / .5 fat / 3 g proteins

Soooooo many cereals have something around 40 carbs...wowzer. No thank you!

I found this at Whole Foods and they have a few other flavors to choose from, but this is my "go-to" choice! I may or may not have bought 4 boxes last time I was there (b/c they were sold out the last time I was at the grocery store!). I have a stockpile! ha!

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