Leg Day 1 - Gains

I am a routine person and do weights 4 days each week. Leg day falls on Monday and Thursday for me. As you saw from my Instagram post, I keep the same routine for months! I do what is called "progressive overload" - this means as I get stronger I add more weight to the movement.

I am still waiting for Rogue to come back in stock with weights and barbells, but I am making due with the old set we have had in our garage for years. What does this mean? I max out at 87 pounds! With typically doing a progressive overload of low reps and high weights with working out at home I have changed that up to high reps on everything....some movements that I used to only to 6 reps with a heavy weight....I am now doing 20 reps!

I have heard many people say that you can't be an athlete and be vegan - I am here to prove that wrong! Food is food. Protein is protein. Carbs are carbs. Fats are fats. As long as you are getting the current combination of food for "your" body you can add muscle to your body and be fit and healthy!

Form is also very important. If these lifts are new to you I highly recommend hiring a coach. Years ago when I started lifting and doing compound movements I had a coach (through Crossfit). It is very important you know what you are doing. If you are learning movements off of the internet, at the very least make sure you video yourself so you can see your form and make corrections!

Do you have any pets at home that keep you company during your workouts? Petey is in my home gym with me almost everyday - he normally stays in one place and just wants to be near me. The last couple of weeks he has been sitting in front of the mirror and looking at himself, which entertainns me the entire time! ha!

I hope you enjoyed reading about my Monday Leg Day. It consists of back squats, Romanian dead lifts, Bulgarian split squats, hip thrusts, and squat lunges to hit the adductors.

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