Have you ever had Kombucha? I wanted to add in a nice option if you want some fizz, but don’t want all the chemicals and sugars in regular soda. This is a probiotic tea and will help with digestive issues. I enjoy this as a treat every now and again. You can also brew your own, but I have not attempted that! There is a shelf life on this so don’t go too crazy buying one in every flavor. There is caffeine in them also.

Here are a couple brands to choose from (and there are tons to try on the shelf at the grocery store!):



Bonus for Executives: Many restaurants with craft beer have kombucha on tap. That gets me excited and you can really tell the difference on how fresh it is! I am not a beer person, so this is a great option for me to be able to entertain clients and "treat myself" to a little treat!

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