Interview with Will - A non-vegan living with a vegan

Will and I have been married for fifteen years and I haven't always been vegan. I made the transition about six years ago. If you want to know my story I did a great podcast that explains my transition, I went from meat and animal products to vegan in thirty days, and more!

I sat down with Will and asked him a handful of questions about what it was like for him when I decided to go vegan. Coming from a "meat and potatoes" girl to suddenly saying I was going to challenge myself to give up milk was a big deal. What was life going to be like if the number one go-to food product was removed? I used to drink two gallons of milk a WEEK! A WEEK!!!!! How could I possibly take that out of my lifestyle?

Now, almost six years later - what does he think? Do you think he is supportive (spoiler alert - he is!)? Do you think he can be vegan at home? Does he miss the ribs I used to make on the smoker? Listen to the YouTube video and find out!

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Watch the video - I think you will love it!

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