How to Make Small Talk & GREAT First Impressions

Imagine this: You are told to go to a networking event, but you aren't sure what to do...You want to do a good job, but you aren't sure where to start....You are asking yourself, "What should I expect? What should I do?"

Start here! I will walk you through tips on making small talk and great first impressions!

Eye contact & Body Language - These two things can be game changers. You MUST make eye contact with the people you are talking to. You also need to be able to read body language and control your own body language. If you walk into a room with your shoulders slumped and your eyes down, you do not look confident – simply standing up straight can be a huge improvement. 

Do you know the best way to practice this? When you are out running errands and go through the check-out line! I know you are thinking, “Really, Andrea?” Yes! Really! Have a conversation with the cashier, ask him how his day is going, make eye contact, maybe ask if he has any plans for the weekend (if you have a LOT of groceries for them to scan!), etc.... WHY the cashier?? There is nothing to lose! 

You can also read their body language – Are they bored? Are they happy to be at work? By paying attention to people around you with everyday errands you can use those skills when you are in a professional networking situation. 

These tips should help you during your next professional event! 

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