Hire me as your coach!

I would love to work with you on your journey to becoming plant-based. Maybe this means switching out one meal a week, or one day a week to all plant-based food items....maybe this means going all in with both feet. Either way - I am happy to help!

If you are a busy executive or someone who has recently gotten some results back from your doctor and a diet free of animals is something that would help please let me know!

I eat out with clients on a daily basis and it is EASY to do - once you know what to look for, how to look at menus differently, how to order succinctly, etc...

On the flip side - if your doctor said changing your diet would help he/she probably didn't give you a lot to work with. Changing something you have been doing for decades can be something that seems impossible - except it IS possible -- and can be done EASILY!

Side note - this video was filmed while I was at a conference for work - so I travel quite a bit and continue my plant-based diet everywhere I go....EASILY (and healthfully!).

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