Have you heard of a jar swap?

Dianne and Pat Doyle, of Plant Based Dallas, have been hosting jar swaps for a few years now and I just attending my first one a few weeks ago - and will never miss another one! It is such a simple concept and amazing to see how it all works. I told Will if I can't make the next one I will send him with my jars so I don't miss out!

If you are in the Dallas area be sure to follow her to know when the next one is!

The set up:

From their website - What to Do:

1. RSVP to Event Planner with your choice of raw veggie, cooked grain or bean, or blanched potato

2. Purchase and wash a case of wide mouth pint size mason jars (save box for transport to swap)

3. Label jar lid with ingredient/date before filling (masking tape/sharpee)

4. Prepare your ingredient no earlier than one day before swap.  if cooked, let cool completely.

5. Generously fill 12 wide mouth pint mason jars with your ingredient, and let cool completely before screwing on lids.

6. Bring 12 jars to swap in original canning jar box and swap!

7. Let the Event Planner know exactly how many jars you will be bringing.

8. Arrive early, as the swap goes fast. If you are late, you will miss it!

9. If you have MORE than 12 people, and everyone is bringing different amounts of jars, it can still work, you just need to be organized.

The jars after they have been swapped:

From this jar swap I received a jar of:

1. Mushrooms

2. Black Beans

3. Sweet Potato shreds

4. Red Cabbage

5. Green Cabbage

6. Brown Rice

7. Chickpeas

8. Zucchini

9. Squash

10. Red Onions

11. Celery

12. Cucumbers

13. Broccoli

So, now what? It is time to use everything in the jars to make EASY meals! This exercise definitely stretched my recipe making muscles and I loved every second of it! I included links to my Instagram account to see details on what the meals contain, what was from the jar swap, what I added to it from my pantry, etc...

Meal 1 - Super fancy giant salad

Tofu Scramble

Black Bean Salad

Sweet Potatoes/Black Beans/Cherries/Peanut Butter - don't knock it before you try it!! ha! It was wonderful!


Pasta Primivera

I hope you consider attending the next event or hosting your own! It is a great way to get a lot of fresh veggies all at once already prepped and ready to be used!

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