French Toast - Do you love breakfast food as much as I do?!

If you guys haven't caught on yet....I could eat breakfast three times a day. I just have always loved breakfast food! Always! I am always looking at new things to meal prep for the week and breakfast food tends to be my go-to b/c it can be heated up easily. I'm sure you have made french toast at some point in your life and you are thinking, "Wait...vegan french!" Once you start understanding how the vegan or plant-based world works with food you will look at recipes and easily know how to make swaps. This opens up an entire new world for you to start creating things left and right b/c you can still make...say...buttermilk pancakes WITHOUT buttermilk! Crazy, right?!

Pro-tip - if you make a lot of pancakes heat them up in the toaster instead of the microwave....they won't get soggy and weird! Trust me - you will thank me later!!

Take a look at this recipe and let me know what you think: French Toast

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