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Over the last two weeks EVERYONE on Instagram has been talking about donuts from Follow The White Rabbit. I was a little jealous every single time I saw a post. Actually, I was a lot jealous. So, I finally emailed Carrie to place an order!

I don't know why I waited two weeks, but I'm glad I added to the suspense and gave me a countdown. It was something I really looked forward to! I mean, with 2-day shipping (and sometimes same day shipping) from Amazon we never have to wait for anything these days!

I ordered a dozen - half vanilla frosting with sprinkles and half lemon. I just love everything lemon flavor! She threw in a strawberry, which was super thoughtful. They were all delicious - just like everyone said! Melt in your mouth. So good. Super yummy. Amazing.

As most of you know, I track macros and follow a pretty strict plan in order to hit the goals that I have. I thrive on routine, so this works for me really well! Last week I realized that I have been tracking macros for nearly three years without a break. Ok, so -- I took one week off when we went to Tokyo last September (we didn't really love the food though so I was always ending the day with protein shakes just to be full!).

I am taking a week off and splurging a bit this week. Nothing crazy, but just being a little relaxed. It is not a "prescribed" re-feed week, but that is how I am using it. Next week I will be back down to business, but I am going to live a little with some vegan treats this week and not feel bad! :)

Oh, and I think I forgot the most important thing! These are YEAST DONUTS! They are NOT cake donuts! Vegans everywhere can now rejoice -- cake donuts are pretty easy to find, but vegan yeast donuts just don't exist....until now! :)

So, was it worth the one-hour round-trip drive for the donuts? YES!!!

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