Do you have a library card?

Your first thought is probably, "Andrea...why are you asking this? This is a blog about being plant-based in the corporate world."

MANY REASONS! I have always loved the library and it has really has come a long way! There are so many things that they offer these days!

1. Always learning - See if your library has any special courses...The Dallas Public Library has access to a program called, which has all kinds different lessons you can take (and get a completion certificate when you have finished!).

2. Sustainability - I have eliminated buying books and check out books from the library. (Unless it is something I know I will reference multiple times.)

3. Online audio books - I am always listening to something....on the drive to the gym....find some audio books so you can be multitasking during those times!

4. Ebooks to download - do you travel for work? Cut back on your suitcase weight and download a few books to read!

5. Magazines - my library has an app called Flipster and there are a TON of magazines available for download. They have all the major publications you see at the grocery store check out line and then several specialty magazines as well!

6. And more!!! There are literally…..countless options!

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