Bead Medley Salad / Bean Burgers

Bean Medley Salad/Bean Burgers

When I saw this recipe I really liked that this is a two part recipe….a creative way to use your leftover! And - it is easy! I am all about saving time and being efficient, so that ticks both of those boxes.

My head is full of ideas with this recipe:

1. I think it could also be used in "meal packets" if you are going to a BBQ at someone's house....put everything in a foil "container" and toss it on their grill when it is time to eat. When I was growing up I called them "hobo meals" (it also would consist of hamburger and potatoes and garlic/onion salt), but apparently times have changed and people now refer to this type of meal as a meal packet dinner or a foil packet dinner.

2. I will be posting some YouTube videos soon with some sauces and dressings and I feel like this would be perfect with the Ginger Miso dressing....the summertime version could be without and the winter version could be with! Or, just another option for the second time you make it!

Let me know what you think!

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