BBQ Restaurants?

Let me start by saying I don’t ever recommend this as a location to eat, but if I am with a big group of friends or clients and this is the location that is chosen I have learned to adapt.

Most BBQ restaurants literally have nothing on the menu. NOTHING. I don't expect them to cater to me, but I am always still shocked. There is one place that I know of that offers a GIANT sweet potato. That is it, but it is filling! (You could sneak in some vegan butter and maybe some cinnamon and walnuts to put on top if you feel fancy!).

Executives - I have only had one client request a lunch at a BBQ restaurant and it did not have any options. I debated back and forth on what to do. I finally decided to reach out and suggest another restaurant and just quickly explained I am vegan, but can find something on any menu...other than a BBQ restaurant. He understood 100% and told me there were three people in his office who are vegan - so he understood!! I do not let my food choices be the topic of work meeting conversations and as you move into eating plant-based you will see how easy it is to order and no one has to know you are making "different" food choices.

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