Avocado on Toast

There are restaurants selling this left and right. I was ahead of the game on that apparently! I literally ate this daily for over a year for dinner several years ago!

My favorite is smashed avocado with Nonna Pia’s balsamic reduction, and pink himalayan sea salt. In that order. Toast/Avo/Balsamic/Salt. My uncle made this for me the first time I ever had it and he emphasized this. I, of course, had to test it out and he was right!! He also added a super high quality olive oil first….but, I eliminated that to save on calories. It does make it taste even better, but I don’t need the extra oil in my diet….save that for a special occasion. If you do splurge: Toast/Olive oil/Avo/Balsamic/Salt.

When I first moved to a plant-based diet I was always craving cheese. I talked to my friend, Rosemeyer, and she explained that was my bodies way of asking for fat. My entire life fat was given in the form of cheese, so it was a little reprogramming I had to do. Once I put that together the cheese cravings went away!

Executives - now that this is trendy and on every menu you have another option if you are on a client lunch meeting, etc...


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