Are you looking for a great vegan protein powder?

Do you want a great vegan protein powder, but you aren't sure where to start? I am a sucker for creatively named flavors and a coupon code. There are so many different vegan flavors out there I sometimes feel like it is my mission to try them all! I have tried quite a few and have put together a video with some of my favorites and how I use them.

I buy protein powder, not a “meal replacement”. I don't need a meal replacement b/c I often have a protein shake to supplement my meal or as a quick snack after a workout. I don't need a zillion calories from a shake. I prefer to eat and chew my food.

I want a high protein, low carb, and low fat protein powder.

I need the flavor to be amazing too. That is a make it or break it factor for me. It could be the healthiest option in the world, but if it doesn't taste good I won't use it.

Did you know you can bake with protein powder? All of my baked goods, such as protein donuts, fruit crumble, and pancakes all have protein powder added to them! Why not? Typically the protein just gives a hint of flavor, but you are given that added protein bump that most of us are looking for!

Here are two of my favorites:

Elevate - this protein powder is just simply amazing. It is my favorite - hands down. It is perfect to take with you if you are traveling b/c it literally doesn't need to be mixed with anything. It is absolutely divine all on it's own. The "mouth feel" is so creamy and wonderful it is like drinking a chocolate milkshake! I have a coupon code too - so be sure to take advantage of that: 10% Discount Code - ANDREA10 -

Tru Supplements - This is another great protein powder and it comes in SO MANY flavors! There is even a "dessert" line, which is super sweet and really tasty. 10% Discount Code - 10AndreaPen -

Be sure to watch the video to see all of the other brands and how I use them!!

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