Are you considering a change to a plant-based lifestyle?

If you are considering a change you probably know someone who is no longer eating animal products. You might even be noticing the vegan options on menus as you are out to eat at restaurants. Continuing with the food choices we have known about our entire lives isn't good for our health...and it is also really bad for the environment.

As you make this transition people will be curious as to WHY you are making this change and you can be a wealth of information for them. Maybe you read a book (like me!) that made you realize you needed to change the way you ate? Or, maybe a family member is sick and healthier food choices make more sense to you? Or, maybe there you love animals and know eating them is not right so you are looking for guidance on how to move away from the food you have eaten your entire life?

BUT, you aren't sure where to start - which is where I come in! I can help you come up with meals to cook, what to do in social situations, how to make the transition easier, etc...I am your coach and your partner during this journey.

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