Acai Bowl...and cravings

How is the grocery shopping coming along? What are you not going to replace? Are you finding new products? What substitutions have you made? When I first went plant-based I craved cheese. My friend explained to me that my brain was really craving the fats that are in the cheese and my brain just didn’t have another way to tell me what to eat. She suggested I eat avocados. Craving fixed!

Acai Bowl - recipe

I didn’t know how much I loved acai bowls until I was on a work trip and the conference breakfast for vegetarians was two spears of asparagus and a roll. WHAT?? Near the hotel there just happened to be an amazing little organic smoothie/juice/kombucha cafe. After that I probably had the healthiest two days of my life because I went there for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

I just recently found a shop near my office and always offer it to my clients as a healthy lunch option. They really appreciate it this option. This stays with my “personal brand” also.

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