A few ideas

As soon as someone says "vegan" or "plant-based" it's like we all forget we have eaten these types of foods out entire life. People ask me all the time what I eat and are shocked when I mention things that are foods they have been eating for years! :)

1. Apple (add peanut butter and make it a heartier snack - Easy Peasy - apple slicer, dollop of pb, eat!)

2. Oatmeal (add walnuts, dried cherries, etc....to make it a little fancier!)

3. Bananas (maybe add vegan marshmallows and chocolate for a banana split!)

4. Toast with jelly

5. Roasted veggies

6. Rice and beans

And - the list goes on and on. We get used to buying so many things in boxes and packages that we forget there are really great food options that are prepackaged from the earth -- fruits and veggies!

Moving toward a plant-based lifestyle really can be easy and it is my goal to help you with that transition. Let me know if you have any questions!!


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