7 YEARS VEGAN! If I can do it, anyone can!

I feel like a broken record sometimes when I give my "vegan story" but, I remind myself that not everyone has heard it! They just think I have been vegan forever, and that is the complete opposite.

Probably 9ish years ago, at this point, my friend Rosemeyer started talking about moving toward a vegetarian diet....and trying it out for Lent. Ok, cool....whatever, you do you. That came and went successfully for her and she started giving me book suggestions and everything she was saying just made sense.

BUT - there was no way "I" could do it.

The following year around Lent we had a similar conversation -- this time she was going to go vegan for Lent....ok, cool....whatever, you do you.

She successfully did this and decided to keep it as a lifestyle. NOW I was intrigued. Tell me more, give me more, I am finally actually HEARING what is being said. She gave me a book suggestion to read - it was The China Study. I vividly remember reading it on the drive home from a vacation and I couldn't put it down. I RARELY read non-fiction books, but I was HOOKED! The book is 20 years of research comparing the Chinese diet to the Standard American Diet (SAD)....and I was reading my family history....cancer, heart disease, high cholesterol, everything.

It CLICKED! It isn't hereditary - it is the food you eat!

I was the absolute pickiest eater on the planet. My diet consisted of meat and potatoes, mac n cheese, and cereal. And....wait for it....TWO GALLONS OF MILK EACH WEEK!

I decided to challenge myself - no milk for 30 days. I literally told myself, "If you can go without milk for 30 days you can do anything."

Guess what....I did it! From there I went vegan overnight.

It was definitely a learning curve and pretty rough at first. Moving to a vegan diet today is SO much easier then it was 7 years ago. I always think about people who have been vegan for 20+ years -- now, THAT is amazing!

So, my friends, if I can do it - you can do it!

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