Are you considering a change to a plant-based lifestyle?

If you are considering a change you probably know someone who is no longer eating animal products.  You might even be noticing the vegan options on menus as you are out to eat at restaurants.  Continuing with the food choices we have known about our entire lives isn't good for our health...and it is also really bad for the environment. 

As you make this transition people will be curious as to WHY you are making this change and you can be a wealth of information for them.  Maybe you read a book (like me!) that made you realize you needed to change the way you ate?  Or, maybe a family member is sick and healthier food choices make more sense to you?  Or, maybe there you love animals and know eating them is not right so you are looking for guidance on how to move away from the food you have eaten your entire life?

BUT, you aren't sure where to start - which is where I come in!  I can help you come up with meals to cook, what to do in social situations, how to make the transition easier, etc...I am your coach and your partner during this journey.

My Transition Story:

One of my very best friends went vegetarian for Lent one year and told me all about it.  I didn't know anyone who had done this and I just listened to what she had to say.  I honestly thought, "she isn't cooking for me so it doesn't really matter.  Good for her for trying something new."  She told me about a book called The China Study, which I read cover to cover -- I could not put it down!  It literally was my family history...high cholesterol, breast cancer, heart disease.  You name it.  It was in there.  After reading the book I knew I had to do SOMETHING.  I was drinking two gallons of milk a week - I just LOVED milk and I knew if I kept on that path I would end up with the same diseases as my family history.

Plant-Based Coaching - 12 week program:

Over the past 6 years I've had experience working in tons of social situations with my career.  A large portion of my job is taking clients to lunch.  I have learned to navigate ordering at restaurants and being in social situations where being vegan is not a cumbersome problem.  I've figured out what food I really enjoy eating and try to share that with those around me.  You might be interested in being vegan at home, or maybe you want to know how to react in social situations, or maybe you want a really great protein pancake recipe.  Moving toward a plant-based lifestyle will improve your health, you might lose weight (bonus!), you are helping save the earth.  I can help you through all of these situations because I have been there...done that! 


Let's get started!  Send me an email we will have a phone call to get to know one another a bit more and get started!

What I am:

- I am, most importantly, working in the corporate world and can help navigate work situations - lunch meetings, traveling to conferences, interacting with colleagues, etc...

- I am someone who loves plant-based food and I want to help you transition to this lifestyle!

- I am excited to give food recommendations, restaurant tips, grocery store help, beauty product recommendations, etc...

What I am not:

- I am not a fitness coach.

- I am not creating a workout plan.

(I love all of this, but can recommend a great fitness coach if interested.)

What you will receive - SUPPORT on any plant-based/vegan questions you have!

This may include:

- Your successes

- Things you are struggling with during the transition

- Meal suggestions

- Easy cooking tips

- Restaurant recommendations

- Skin Care/Beauty product recommendations

- Grocery store tips

- Advice on interacting with family, friends, and colleagues

- And more....whatever you may need assistance with I will try to help!

What do I expect from you:

- Check-ins weekly via What's App

- Utilization and interaction with my YouTube videos, blog, and Instagram account. These are all great resources!

- Follow through! You can do it!

Send me an email to get started:


Working with Andrea has made things SO MUCH EASIER...Between the menu suggestions, the grocery list and the videos being consistently vegan has become SO EASY!  Andrea helped me with accountability by checking in to see how things were going and it kept me focused on being successful and NOT overthinking.  I recommend working with Andrea because she’s fun and friendly and knows what she’s talking about! She also has great resources for recipes. I’ve learned a lot.  It doesn’t have to be hard, and it’s NOT expensive and it’s not weird.  Food is fuel and medicine and I’m SO glad I have made the commitment to myself to fuel myself better! I think I’d still be wandering aimlessly if it weren’t for Andrea! - Elizabeth D.

I highly recommend this program. I feel more confident with this new lifestyle I’ve chosen, I have new recipes I’m now enjoying, my eyes have been opened to new, helpful pages on social media, and I’m excited to try some of the new products recommended throughout the program. Want to feel better, change your outlook on food, and help save the earth? This program is for you!” Angie L.


Changing to plant based can improve how you feel and your health while saving the Earth, one day at a time! - Karla P.

I loved the program, so many great tips & wonderful recipes which made phasing out animal products easy. - Maureen G.

Andrea Pender's program isn't just practical--it is also holistic. It's about living vegan in the real world with meetings and deadlines and days where you don't have a lot of "perfect" choices. I particularly appreciated that there was a sustainability piece to the 30 days with small practical things we can do to be kinder to the planet. If you are considering a vegan lifestyle, this is a great support to get you started. And if you are already vegan? Well, sometimes it's just cool to have a daily reminder about ways to optimize the lifestyle. - Cathy Hutchison, author of The Vegan Teen Cookbook

For anyone interested in a plant-based diet, this program is filled with good information that will both inspire and motivate you to live a healthier life!

Thank you Andrea. - Claudie P.

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